Sunday, April 03, 2005


New Radio ccc

An hour of ccc mashups. (28 meg download)



Tracks are as follows (full details in the discography section below)

1. Puppet Rock / 2. Music Shaped / 3. Shake Your Grapes /
4. Walrus Confusion / 5. You Make Me Feel Lovely /
6. Let's Shack / 7. Say A Little Sloop / 8 Leave Anna Behind /
9. Go Go Go / 10. Sexy W.H. / 11. Blue Betty /
12. Everlasting Enemy / 13. La Fool D'Argent /
14. Stand By Me / 15. I Want Pity / 16. Tom's Investigations


heh this is sweet. Air v Fools Gold, and the one before it ... Finally it's happening to me ..
You are truly WONDERFUL!!!! I am in love with your ears...
your music is SO GOOD !!!
I love the tracks, but not the bit rate. Any chance of getting these at 128k or better? Thanks
I just discovered that CCC can stand for (the really existing organization) Copyright Clearance Center. :-)


THRILL again with music
(thanks xxxx)
What we've come to expect!

Worth it just for the jingles ;) Heheh. Kidding. More spoonfuls of genius.

DJ Nite
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