Friday, May 20, 2005

One of These Heatwaves

Pink Floyd - One of These Days
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas - Heatwave
Wings - Rockestra

Now offline.

Hi Chris,

I just heard one of your great Beatles mix-ups on the fab radio station wfmu.org and went straght to the link they gave out... revolved.blogspot.com but, alas, can't download it! Had no problem downloading 'One of these Heatwaves' which is also wonderful but I'd dearly love to have the revolved collection. Can you help?
Hello Jack,

if Chris or someone else doesn't chime in for a while, and nobody can point out some kind of semi-central source (I haven't kept up on it since I already have a copy), I can try offering them over my employer's bandwidth... slowly (say a song a day). Write and let me know...


piper at zoner dot com
Sorry. I've had so many requests for Revolved.

I've had my wrists well and truly slapped by the BPI and I can't now be seen to be assisting with the uploading of said album.
un*#!?@*! beleivable. so cool so much john would be proud.
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