Monday, August 28, 2006

That difficult 'best of' album.

Sixteen tracks, all remastered and available - for the first time - at 320kbps.

01 One of These Heatwaves
02 Puppet Rock
03 Chicken Shout
04 Lust Train
05 Psychesmellica
06 Music Shaped
07 Man Alive
08 Go Go Go
09 Shake Your Grapes
10 Walrus Confusion
11 You Make Me Feel Lovely
12 Everlasting Enemy
13 I Want Pity
14 Tom's Investigations
15 La Fool D'Argent
16 Stand By Me

Click here for tracks

Click here for artwork

When will the "ultimate collection" be available?
Is there a updated link so I can download it? I heard it and I LOVE IT!!!!!! Thanks so much in advanced :D
Hi Chris!

Will you have Sweetest Apples available for download again? I have a not-so-good copy and would like to have it again. Thanks so much ♥
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