Sunday, December 31, 2006

It was 40 years ago today...

June 1st 2007

Cracked Pepper

More details soon...

Hello CCC, I´m Danilo, a journalist from Brazil. I´m write a texto to Caderno Dez! [a brazilian newspapper that have a blog version also, blogdodez.atarde.com.br] about "Love", the official mashup of Beatles, and another experiences that exists even before "Love". I heard Revolved and I´d like to talk with you about this thinks, is it possible?

I´d like you to answer this to the email danfraga@gmail.com.

Thank you
Danilo Fraga

First of all, I´d like you to say your name, age, and say whats your relationship with music and beatles.

Tell me about yout project (Revolved).

What do you think about the reaction of the music industry?

What do you think about Love? It´s an official beatles mashup, what it have and don´t have from the mashup subculture?

Do you think that the mashup is now a think from the past?

What do you think about mashup? Is it a new kind of ear, something that will revolution the music industry, a joke?
Wow, im a big fan!

I love the mashup scene, and love the arty feel you bring to it!

From what i can tell this is a SGT. Peppers mash, no?

Well, Lovely Rita is my favorite song, and i cant wait!
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