Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Whatever your opinion of the man, he could do a real slip, slidy moonwalk...

Anyway, here's a couple of my old Jacko mashes. I didn't realise that I'd actually used MJ for quite a few of my mashes. So embedded was he in our psyche, that it might take a while before we appreciate what an impact he had to our lives. He's just always been there.

Anyway - here we go: I Want Pity & You Make Me Feel Lovely.

I Want Pity

You Make Me Feel Lovely

Both are nice, but "You Make Me Feel Lovely" made me cry it was so good.
What I want to know is whatever became of CCC?

no recent posts, link seem to be dead. your audience is standing by.

was hoping to get a copy of 'sweetest apples' but link seems to be non-existent . . . so sad
Hey CCC,

Where are you? We've been waiting since June for any sign of life... everything cool?
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