Monday, September 20, 2010

If I Let You Down

Beatles: Don't Let Me Down
Gladys Knight & The Pips: If I Were Your Woman

A bit of a diversion from my Abbey Road / Motown mash album, this Gladys track was always going to be used somehow, someway, anyway. It didn't fit with any Abbey Road tracks, but then I heard John singing Don't Let Me Down and it just made itself from thereon.

Click here.

Awesome! Glad to see you're still serving up some mashed Beatles! Your previous two 'Cracked Pepper' and 'Revolved' were sublime! Keep up the good work -- it's much appreciated!
This is amazing! I LOVE both of the aforementioned collections but the latest stuff is next level. Particularly this track. So good. Any chance of re-uploading any of your other (non-beatles) tracks? Love to hear it. Thanks for your work.
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Dear CCC, I'm loving your Beatles-mash-ups because they manage to be the stars. They're my favorite band & sacred cows no less, but you do a good job of combining their music with other performers and it's amazing. For me, it's like learning a new song again. Of course I like "If I let you down" - combining 2 beloved classics into one. Have you heard that they're starting to play your work on BeatlesRadio.com? They've been playing "Kelly Watch the Hole" for months (my personal favorite) and yesterday I heard them play "She's Slipping". That's the first time I heard them play it. It's been too cool to hear your mash-ups on internet radio - well Beatlesradio is the only internet radio station I've been listening to for months besides Lastfm & Pandora. You must be the best then? :-) Anyway, your work is up there with artists who "cover" Beatles music. Keep up the good work mate!
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