Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kelly Watch the Hole and She's Slipping from Cracked Pepper are both getting regular airplay on Beatles Radio. Nice!

Here's a link, but beware ... It's very addictive ... When you know what Dr Robert is about to announce you know you're listening too much. http://www.beatlesradio.com

Missed you CCC. Welcome back and thanks for the brilliant mashes! From the Motown USA.
The B**tles once sang these lines, "It's a been long time".... Welcome back CCC. It's exciting to hear your stuff play on Beatlesradio.com. Keep it up. You've got fans out here.
Excuse me, but do you know where I can download the 14-track version of Revolved?

The torrent doesn't work and the download links have been hijacked.

Thank you.
Lots of requests for Revolved. Unfortunately, having been rapped on the knuckles, I'm not at liberty to say.

Google is your friend.

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